IoT, also known as the Internet Of Things, is a method of machines, animals, and things that are wired to transfer information through a network without the need for interaction. A lot of people do not fully understand what IoT is and its importance to them or how it works. With IoT, objects and devices can share all kinds of information in order to better equip them to serve you. A good example is self-driving cars, which know where to take you and how to move without you, another example are microwaves that can cook whatever food you want for the perfect time. All these devices obtain information from their environment and use this information to better equip them for their function. There are IoT companies in Dubai specializing in different areas and aspects. Every IoT tool has four main components that equip it for its function.


Sensors are the components of devices that collect data from the environment. This can be any type of information based on the tool’s functions. Some devices collect temperature and humidity while others collect sound and other factors. Every device is not limited to one sensor. Some devices have multiples sensors that acquire different data and enable them to carry out their functions. Sensors are an important part of IoT arrangements as they rely on them to carry out their functions.


After the data has been compiled by the sensors, it will need to be uploaded to the server. The details are all uploaded to the cloud for integration and this is done through the connectivity part. Every IoT equipment has a connectivity system that allows for data to be uploaded to the cloud. This can be done through the use of the internet of ethernet. After the data is uploaded, it can be utilized for the functionality of the device.

Data Processing

After the information taken by the sensors is uploaded to the drive, it will need to be processed. The data processing part is the part where the information acquired is converted in order to utilize it for the device functions. This part is important as it helps convert the data and make it useful for the user. This could be anything from regulating temperature to checking the video feed to whether it is compatible or not.

User Interface

After all the other processes, the last part is the user interface. This is when the device becomes useful or carries out its functions. This can happen in several ways depending on what the function is. It can either send email alerts or text message alerts to indicate the temperature change or it can adjust the temperature or perform other functions on its own. Every other process before this leads up to this part and is necessary for ensuring the device performs its actions.

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