It is said by some that the pink sapphire indicates trust, reliability, and loyalty, they believe it holds some special power that grants immeasurable fates to the wearer. Wholesale gemstone suppliers have a variety of stones available including the pink sapphire, it is a very beautiful choice for an engagement ring, not only because of its beautiful looks and features but also because of what it signifies, the trust and loyalty of a loved one forever.

Here are a few details and things you would like to know about the gemstone and why it could be a good choice for you to get it.

Gemstone Color

The shade of a gemstone always appears first because it is the most meaningful portion, unlike other gemstones you pick the stone according to what hue you prefer. This stone has a variety of tones of light pink to dark pink, and even secondary colors like orange-pink stone and a purple looking pink sapphire. With this stone you can pick whatever appearance you desire or what more rather than going for what color is more expensive.

Clarity Level

The possibilities of finding a pink sapphire gemstone with no inclusions are highly impossible, a lot of pink sapphires are heat-treated so the clarity and the color of the stone can be improved and enhanced to look much better than they already look. When the stone hasn’t been treated at all it can go for a very large price. The thing about inclusions is to check if they are non-visible to the bare eyes and if they are in hidden places, if they are then the more costly, they are.

The Cut of the Stone

This is an important sector as it is what showcases and enhances the appeal and appearance of the stone, pink sapphires do not have a specific cut like diamonds, it is left for the cutter to do what he feels may help the stone appear nicer and well finished. If the stone isn’t cut properly then it could seem flat and boring and could even be worthless because it wouldn’t pull the attention of anyone, so the cutting has to be done well and precisely.

The Carat of the Stone

This is a sector that is solely reliant on your funds, there is no need to try and find a heavy stone because the carat is the mass of the stone, it is best to concentrate on the color and appeal of the pink sapphire price.

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